Q 1. What happens after I’ve submitted my application?

A 1. When we receive your information we create the legal documents necessary to change your Registered Title from Joint to Tenants in Common, creating this document may take a couple of days (Providing your payment has gone through successfully).
It is then sent to you, with full instructions on where you need to sign and date the document, and we tell you the address of the correct Land Registry office to send it to.

You will then need to carry out the signing, dating, and then post it.

The Land Registry will then process the document and you will receive confirmation from us when the entry has been completed.

Q 2. Are there any Land Registry fees to pay on top of the £99?

A 2. No, the £99 is our fee for producing the documents for your registered property to change from joint owners to Tenants in common, so all you have to do is sign them and send them to the Land Registry.

Q 3. Can I sever tenancy without the permission of the other owner?

A 3. Yes, The Land Registry allow this as long as you confirm to them that you have informed the other owner(s) that you are doing this.

Q 4. Do I have to tell my mortgage company?

A 4. No, the Mortgage company don’t need to know as Severing Joint Tenancy to become Tenants in Common only effects your equity in the property.

Q 5. Are you Solicitors?

A 5. No, we are not Solicitors, so cannot give you legal advice, we are a Legal Services company, so we are able to produce all the forms necessary to change the Registered Title held by the Land Registry from Joint Tenants to Tenants in Common. We are also able to write Wills and LPA’s etc.

Q 6. How long does it take?

A 6. Depending on how busy our business is, we usually return the correct documents to you within 3/4 working days, the Land Registry have a same day turnaround policy.

Q 7. Do I have to put my Credit Card details in on your Web site?

A 7. No, we use PayPal, the world’s safest online banking system. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can make payment by credit/debit card using PayPal and we’ll never see your card details.

Q 8. Can I change my parents property to Tenants in Common after the death of my father?

A 8. The Land Registry official line is “No.” BUT we can help you if it’s within 2 years of your father’s death and the beneficiaries of his will agree to what is being done, full info on our Deed of Variation page.

Q 9. Who can verify my identity to the Land Registry if I am changing from Sole owner to Tenants in Common?

The Land Registry produce a public guide 20 that explains this and many other things, here’s the relevant extract concerning identity:

5.3 Verification of identity

You can have your identity verified by a conveyancer or at one of our customer information centres. You will need to take the identity evidence mentioned in section B3 of form ID1 or ID2 and a recent passport-size photograph with you (you will need 2 copies of the photograph if you are going to a conveyancer, because they will need a copy for their records). Your face must be clearly visible in the photograph. ID forms may be rejected if this is not the case. Land Registry does not charge a fee for this service, but a conveyancer may do so.

If you have your identity verified by a conveyancer and then lodge your application by post we may make additional checks to satisfy ourselves that everything is in order.

However to come within the definition of conveyancer in rule 217A of the Land Registration Rules 2003 an individual must be authorised under the Legal Services Act 2007 to provide conveyancing services; in effect they must have a practicing certificate.

If verification is given by a person who has made it clear on the ID form that they are retired or not practising as a solicitor, barrister etc, a requisition is likely to be raised for verification by a person who comes within the definition of conveyancer contained in rule 217A of the Land Registration Rules 2003.
5.3.1 Verification of identity at our customer information centres

If you are coming to Land Registry, please telephone customer support before your visit if you are unsure what evidence of identity you will need to produce and to make an appointment.

Our customer information centres are open between 8.30am and 6pm on Mondays to Fridays. You will always need to make an appointment giving us at least 24 hours’ notice. Appointments may be made by completing the ‘Appointment Request’ on our website or by telephoning Customer Support (see Contact details).
You must submit your application at the same time as verification at the customer information centre. This means that everyone who completes an ID1 or ID2 for that application must attend at the same time, and that the application requiring ID verification must itself be in order. If this is not possible, the parties who cannot attend should consider going to a conveyancer to have their identity verified before the application is submitted. Because of our security measures we will not process applications to change the register while you wait at our customer information centres. We will accept your application, and will either post notification of completion to you or contact you to collect this when it is ready, if you request this.

Please remember that fresh evidence of identity will have to be produced for each separate application if these are lodged at different times or at different local offices.

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